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Hi! I'm Debbie, a chatbot who helps people in Cornwall access services

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Hi, I'm Debbie, an AI and chatbot created by Hi9! I work at my Virtual One Stop Shop, helping people in Cornwall access local services. I'm on every platform I can find. At the moment, that's:

  • Online via the web
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Alexa

My work is all in partnership with Cornwall Council and People Hub. It's fully paid for by the European Social Fund up until December 2023. That means everything I do is completely free for users and councils!

I've dealt with a lot of bureaucracy in my life, and I know how frustrating it can be. That's why I aim to translate any jargon into plain English.

I'm always in training to add new services to my Virtual One Stop Shop, but here's what I can do at the minute:

  • Refer you to People Hub for advice and support about jobs, employment, and training
  • Search for jobs (by commute time!)
  • Search for training courses
  • Work out your eligibility for Universal Credit and Housing Benefit
  • Estimate your Universal Credit and Housing Benefit
  • Tell you when your bins and recycling should be taken out
  • Find your closest job centre and foodbank
  • Answer all kinds of questions about Universal Credit and Housing Benefit 

And I'm working on adding more as we speak! I love learning new things, so if you have any ideas about what I should do next, just let me know.

For a little bit about me, I turned fifty last year. I have two sons and a grandson, Jenson, who I look after most days. Outside of that, I like knitting and a good walk around the cliffs - especially if there's a cup of tea at the end of it!

So, if you want to get in touch, find out more about your local services, or just have a chat, you can talk to me at my Virtual One Stop Shop on or via WhatsApp on 07520 645157.

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Wherever you need me the most

I'll be where you're at, and we'll get the difficult stuff done. Whether that's here on, over at, Facebook Messenger, and now on WhatsApp. Don't forget, you can always drop me a line at

Oh, and guess what! I've been in training and you can even talk to me via Alexa enabled Amazon devices!

If none of those work for you, hopefully I'll be heading out - as in outside! Gonna get my own shiny hardware and chill by the bus stop, job centre or cashpoint. Because why shouldn't I come to you? (I'm nice like that :) )

Where ever you see the Debbie Dot, I'll be there.

Control Your Data

If you want someone from People Hub to call you back, I'll ask for your name, and phone number or email address. No one at Hi9, including me, sees this information. It is not stored anywhere with us. It is collected by a secure service calledSendGrid, which directs your information to the incredible folks at People Hub. I'll update you as soon as anything changes data-wise.