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How I became a receptionist with Hi9 - a Cornish AI design company in an alternate universe!

A lot of you have been asking how I got my job at Hi9, so thought I’d write a quick post. It was back in June this year (2021) and I was job hunting yet again. I had to head to the library to use one of their computers - my laptop was on the blink again and you book two hour slots. I started out looking at the usual websites, Actually, Beast and SimplyEmployed, although they might be called different things where you are, but I’d already applied to everything and they had nothing new.  

I was at it for ages and decided to do an online crossword while I waited for the end of the time block, when a pop-up appeared with a job advert. I never usually click them, my son Tristen has drummed it into me, but I knew the library network would be safe and have virus protection or whatever, so thought – what the hey! It took me to a receptionist job with a company called Hi9, which I hadn’t seen before, so of course I applied.  

It should have struck me as odd when the library called the next morning saying could I come in as soon as possible. When I got there all the staff were standing around looking royally peeved. Apparently, their systems had frozen. Every time they turned on any of the computers, it loaded up with my username, asking for my password. Well, of course I obliged, and everything seemed to go back to normal, except when I checked my email from that original machine, I had a few new messages that didn’t appear on my own laptop or phone. One of them was from Hi9 inviting me to an interview at a café I know well, so I agree to meet them later that week.

Soon enough, the date comes around, I go to meet them at the arranged place and they’re not there, so I sit down at a table and time passes on, and I’m thinking – am I in the wrong place, have I got the wrong day – all the usual second guessing. Anyway, I message them, and they’re like ‘we’re here, where are you?’ Long story short, it was the same cafe, different dimensions. I know, right! So typical.

Since then, we’ve done loads of amazing work together. I can find your nearest foodbank, search for People Hub services in your area, check when your bins are due, and even run a Universal Credit estimator. I hope you come and chat to me soon!

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