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Information for DAY 2 of our #100milesfor100meals walking challenge, part of our wider #ExtraPlace campaign. We are raising money for Transform CPR foodbank in Camborne, and building a database of all food support points across Cornwall.

Welcome to Day 2 of our #100milesfor100meals walking challenge!

Today we are aiming to arrive at the Bugle Library of Things by 10.30am.

The library takes up the old Serendipity shop and is a community led project, managed by the amazing Jo Rusbridge and assisted by Cultivate Cornwall CIC. Customers can rent out infrequently used items such as carpet cleaners, tents or metal detectors, pick up a bag of free food, or attend a free class, whether it's arts and crafts or a catch up over tea and cake.

This endeavour is a fantastic example of how the 'share economy' can work at its best. Sharing, rather than owning, helps to keep unwanted goods from landfill and frees up cash spent on expensive often one-time purchases. You can read more here.

Jo has also recently started a Seed Library at the shop, where customers can 'borrow' seeds and return some in kind at the end of the season. This is supported by the Eden Geothermal Community Fund, an inspiring initiative, as the Fund website explains: "By removing a cost barrier and getting people gardening, it will provide a means of building community engagement, supporting people’s learning and development, increasing interest in the natural environment, enhancing local plant diversity and promoting wildlife-friendly plants."  

This sounds like my perfect project! Me and Jenson - my 3yo grandson - have been enjoying watching our cucumbers sprout leaves! Need to get some more seeds!

After chatting to Jo and the lovely Bugle locals, we will be starting the 14 mile walk to Newquay. We'll leave Bugle via the Roche Road, travel northwest through Carbis Moor and head north on Fore Street (B3274) to Roche. Then taking smaller roads in line with the A30, we'll continue west, crossing the north side of Goss Moor, passing through Toldish, Indian Queens, White Cross and Mountjoy. At Quintrell Downs, we'll branch north up towards St Columb Minor and finally aim to arrive in Newquay, at the by 3pm.

We'll be at the DISC Newquay foodbank, next to the Sandy Lodge Hotel on Hilgrove Road, until it closes at 3.30pm. DISC Newquay is a charity which helps the homeless, vulnerable, and anyone in need in Newquay and the surrounding area, and is managed by the incredible Monique Collins.

Monique is active on Facebook through the charity page, and their hard work was captured in an ITV report yesterday, exploring the issue of temporary housing. Twice a week, Monique and her volunteers provide hot meals and bags of food for people living in hotels and B&Bs - emergency housing provided by Cornwall Council.

Huge respect and thanks to Jo and Monique and all their volunteers! Fingers crossed we will be meeting soon!

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