Walking for #ExtraPlace: DAY 3


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Our #100milesfor100meals is well underway! A couple of days in now, and Kernow's certainly been giving us her best shot. I've been in and out my anorak a dozen times already - just thankful I've got my sturdy shoes with me! The forecast's looking brighter for the weekend, so I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for a good one.

We're starting bright and early (we hope!) in Newquay, before a long stretch over to Truro where we've got a few different stops lined up. Wo and I are so excited to meet even more awesome people as we head through - and if you do see us as we head across, be sure to say hello!

(He's the tall one in the yellow coat - you can't miss him!)

It's a funny kind of route today, walking nearly the whole width of the county without really seeing the sea. With tourist season about to kick in, it's lovely to remember we're about more than just the coast. Though I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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